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Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
escaped with the help of his wife, police believe he wounded a los angeles county sheriff's deputy with a shotgun. king's county prosecutor says a sawed off shotgun and several shells were found in the car when arrested the burning question is what could have led the suspects to the home? do we know how these people ended up crossing paths? i can't discuss that at this time. >> i want to know why they picked this house. this court. why did they kill her? why couldn't you have tied her up? took the car? >> answers may come out as detectives begin to pool their information. they're investigating if the pair car jacked and robbed others traveling from southern california to northern california. in hercules, abc 7 news. >> fire investigators say an early morning fire does not appear sus spishus but was damaging. the fire started at 4:40 inside of the squat and gobble cafe. it spread to two businesses and adjoining building. two firefighters suffered injuries. it took crews four hours to contain flames. >> there is a deep building they thought they found the fire. they put out what they saw.
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
confronted one another, he does not believe either abortion or gay marriage. >> and there are "los angeles times" says recent graduates found cal campus a hostile place for jewish students saying a protest last february was one of several events that stoked hate speech. the spokesman says this is constitutionally protected speech. >> mitt romney is hoping his strong per fompl yens can put momentum on his side and a gallup poll shows the president in a four point lead no, nation wide poll has been done yet but several instant polls give romney a win by more than a 2-1 margin. both hit the campaign trail today. president obama spent the day in colorado and wisconsin and will be coming back next week for another fund-raiser. and tickets start at $100 going as high as $7500s. >> a national campaign passed through the bay area today this is is orered to inform voters and calls itself patriot majority usa, targeting billionaire contributors. they want to rally opposition to cal proposition 32. >> we like to advocate and support measures helping get funding back into education. but these people don't b
Oct 14, 2012 5:00pm PDT
wasn't until three hours ago that the shuttle parked at the california los angeles mew scheme of science. it took all day friday, all day saturday, more than half of today to travel 12 measly miles. thousands came out to see it. >> an amazing event. that's why i'm here with my daughter. to make sure she sees and it is part of it. >> a once in a lifetime deal with the spate space shuttle going down the streets of l.a. >> one of the reasons it took so long was because of the tight squeeze. engineers had to shoe horne the shuttle around trees and power lines. >> up next, a feat no man has ever done before. [applause] >> the extreme athlete who jumped from the stratosphere and made a nearly 24-mile sky dive back to earth, and leigh glaser says, get ready for warmer >> a skydiver successfully made his ascent from the edge of space, breaking the speed of sound during the freefall. felix bum baumgartner ascended in a helium balloon that carried him to 23 miles, more than three times the cruising al a.l.itude of the average air lynner. he hit a speed of 833 miles-per-hour. >> stand up th
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
through los angeles the shuttle stationed at california science center. it will be on display free of charge. it will be the center piece of the new air and space wing taking about five years to complete. >> i can't wait to see that. >> so much more is ahead on the geents. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> parade coming up on wednesday. >>> we continue to follow a major developing story. home coming of the san francisco giantsful they and world series trophy arrived at at and t park today. we'll take you back there live at 6:00. tonight a new angle on the richmond fire, turns out if chevron has to pay a fine, cities that were hit hardest will not get the money z a story only on abc 7 news tonight. recovery of a young woman who took a tragic fall in yosemite national park. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching we're going live with you great pictures. that is the giants world series trophy and the team arriving back in san francisco a little bit before 4:00 this afternoon. >> look who is holding that. home run king of the series.
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
threw out the first pitch tonight. there is a paramedic in los angeles nearly beaten to death before the start of the first game at the end of the first game of the 2011 season. so a lot of people and tauss being -- causes being recognized inside of the stadium tonight. >> thank you so much. how about that pablo sandoval, huh? it made him a popular guy in san francisco and a national hero in his native convenient swaila. president chavez tweeted about him. larry beil is more on the day after. >> thank you. >> whatever pablo is eating i want some. consider he's done that in only 14 games. the panda hit just 12. power surge propelled giants to a victory in game one making for a very busy night because his phone would not stop buzzing. >> were you hearing after that game? >> 300 text messages. so saying hi to people. you know? during the game. the friends, the family. you know? to be part of this. >> now, pandas three world series homers put him p great company. the panda doing it last night. last year albert pujols hit three if one game. good omen is that cardinals went on to win. a's
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and sold to son comers at an larmingly high rate. she found 55% of the seafood tested in los angeles and or yank counties were mislabeled. saying this is particularly dangerous to press preg nant women trying to limit exposure to certain metals found in fish. and of course others that have serious allergies. boxer wrote in a letter to the fda consumers should not have to question the safety of the seafood. she called for stricter enforcement. the list of recalled peanut products lifrked to 35 illnesses in 19 states now has extended to 400 different products. authorities say all recalled yimts traced fwook a single plant in new mexico. they were sold these products at trader joe's whole foods, walmart, kroger, targ skbrit costco they say be tainted with salmonella. and fda is warning not to eat item as associated with sunland. go to abc 7 and look at the 7 on your side page. >> amazon customers who bought the kindel are getting great news. amazon is telling them they'll likely be getting money back on prior electronic purchases in part because of a pending settlement between e bo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6